ID Time WP Typ Message
12019-07-20 18:24:07GeneralInfoAll stages closed
22019-07-20 18:13:39WP9 LehwaldInfoSweep started
32019-07-20 17:45:20WP7 Kelberger LandInfoSweep in the finish
42019-07-20 16:41:33WP6 RisselbergInfoSweep started
52019-07-20 15:42:45GeneralInfoDue to a longer break in WP6, there are larger gaps on WP7 and WP8
62019-07-20 15:40:52WP6 RisselbergAlertSS6 started
72019-07-20 15:25:00WP6 RisselbergAlertSS6 stopped
82019-07-20 15:08:50WP7 Kelberger LandInfoSS started
92019-07-20 14:36:43GeneralInfoDue to a longer break in WP6, there are larger gaps on WP7 and WP8
102019-07-20 14:26:16WP6 RisselbergInfoSS started
112019-07-20 14:05:40WP6 RisselbergAlertstopped
122019-07-20 13:37:33WP6 RisselbergInfo0 started
132019-07-20 13:32:47WP6 RisselbergInfo00 started
142019-07-20 13:28:53WP5 LehwaldInfoStage closed
152019-07-20 13:05:37GeneralInfoThe start times for the RK Niederstadtfeld 2, TC62 Rallye Meile OUT are online at
162019-07-20 12:33:14WP4 Kelberger LandInfoStage closed
172019-07-20 12:07:13WP3 Risselberg PeugeotInfoStage closed
182019-07-20 10:28:56WP5 LehwaldInfoSS started
192019-07-20 10:24:12WP5 LehwaldInfo0 started
202019-07-20 10:18:51WP5 LehwaldInfo00 started
212019-07-20 10:08:54WP3 Risselberg PeugeotInfoRestart
222019-07-20 09:51:18WP3 Risselberg PeugeotAlertThe Stage is stopped Restart in a few minutes
232019-07-20 09:45:38WP4 Kelberger LandInfoSS started
242019-07-20 09:40:09WP4 Kelberger LandInfo0 started
252019-07-20 09:35:38WP4 Kelberger LandInfo0 started
262019-07-20 09:18:20WP4 Kelberger LandAlertDue to spectator problems the start is delayed
272019-07-20 08:48:50WP3 Risselberg PeugeotInfoSS started
282019-07-20 08:43:32WP3 Risselberg PeugeotInfo0 gestartet
292019-07-20 08:38:15WP3 Risselberg PeugeotInfo00 started
302019-07-20 07:34:54GeneralInfoThe start times for the "RK Niederstadtfeld 1", TC60 Rallye Meile OUT are online at, or at the ADAC Container in the rallyemile
312019-07-19 23:08:25WP2 proWIN HilgerathInfoStage closed
322019-07-19 20:38:41WP2 proWIN HilgerathInfoSS started
332019-07-19 20:29:12WP2 proWIN HilgerathAlertAfter a vehicle has been recovered, it continues directly.
342019-07-19 19:51:49WP2 proWIN HilgerathInfoSS started
352019-07-19 17:06:57WP1 Super StageInfoLast car on track S8 started
362019-07-19 14:38:46GeneralInfoThe start times for the "Rundkurs Hilgerath", TC50 Rallye Meile are online at, or at the ADAC Container in the rallyemile.
372019-07-19 14:27:36WP1 Super StageInfoSS started
382019-07-19 14:19:18WP1 Super StageInfo0 started
392019-07-19 14:03:54WP1 Super StageInfo000 started
402019-07-19 12:51:20GeneralInfoThe start times are online! Die Startzeiten sind online unter dem Punkt - Teilnehmer - Notice Board oder am ADAC Container!
412019-07-19 12:17:50GeneralInfoautograph session ends!
422019-07-19 10:20:55GeneralInfoUpdate about the accident at Eifel Rallye Festival Dear friends of the Eifel Rallye Festival, the event will continue as planned. An update about the accident at Shakedown yesterday: The two seriously injured persons have been operated in the hospitals, their condition is stable. The four slightly injured persons were able to leave the hospital immediately after outpatient treatment.
432019-07-18 18:20:32GeneralInfoPlease consider that it is not allowed to post photos and videos of the accident. Keep privacy!
442019-07-18 16:01:24ShakedownAlertAll spectators they are affected to the accident and May have health concerns are asked to contact a doctor!
452019-07-18 15:35:04ShakedownAlertShakedown canceled
462019-07-18 15:17:38ShakedownAlertShakedown gestoppt
472019-07-18 15:03:16ShakedownInfoShakedown started !
482019-07-18 07:18:52GeneralInfoDocument check end at 10 o'clock
492019-07-17 18:45:42GeneralInfoDocumentcheck closes at 21 pm
502019-07-14 13:34:04GeneralInfoThe entry list is online!